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Beginners' Guide

  • By FITasF
  • •  Dec 05, 2022

1 Warmup before running and Cooldown after running
Preparing your body for a run is important as it raises your heart rate and temperature gently, avoiding
a sudden pump up to your heart. It helps in avoiding injuries too. While cooling down after running,
helps in bringing down the heated body to a steady state and prevents dizziness.

2 Stay relaxed while running
Keeping your body stiff while running might result in poor running experience and low
performance due to uncomfortable posture

3 Track your run
Nobody would want to remain stuck at one level. Tracking your run helps you to
know where you stand compared to yesterday.

4 Set achievable targets
Cover small distances at your own pace. The most common mistake people do is they set too high targets in the
beginning and then losing consistency in between.
Follow the 10% rule. Increase 10% of the distance you ran on weekly basis.

5 Listen to your body
Yes, Shin splints and body ache is common in the beginning but it is important to
listen to your body when the pain remains for a longer duration.

6 Keep your body hydrated
Take a small sipper along with your while running and keep your body hydrated to replace
the fluids you lose when you sweat.


7 Fill your tummy before running
Eating a banana or some healthy carbs is advisable to meet the energy requirement of your run.
While light running can be done on an empty stomach, distance running require
a Pre-Run meal like scrambled egg whites or low-fat cottage cheese.

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