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Prevent iInjuries

  • By FITasF

1 Avoid running without proper sleep/rest
When you don’t give your body proper rest, the muscles don't recover and during the whole run you will feel drained and exhausted.

2 Avoid heel strike
When people begin running they tend to strike the ground with heel hitting first. Always do a forefoot strike to avoid
injuries to your knee joints and muscle tears.

3 Avoid wearing dark clothes or clothes without reflectors 
Keeping your feet in cycling motion helps you keep your run, steady and balanced. The controlled and even foot strike will improve your performance.

4 Avoid cross arms swinging
When your arms cross over your chest, there is a possibility you will get stooped and you start breathing inefficiently. Arms should swing back
forth from the shoulder joint and not at the elbow joint.

5 Avoid ignoring pain
Check the intensity of pain you are going through, if it is severe then your body needs rest. But if the pain is mild to moderate then the
discomfort is common.

6 Avoid running on roads with headphones
Definitely, motivational songs keep you going but when you are running in the lanes where vehicles also run, you need to avoid wearing
headphones to stay aware of the upcoming cars.

7 Avoid dragging your feet
Most of the runners prefer going for a run early in the morning, this is the time when visibility is low. So, to be seen by the approaching cars
you should wear bright clothes or apparel with reflectors.

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