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Running Benefits

  • By FITasF

1 Improves confidence
Regular running or jogging can lead to improvement in self-esteem as they consistently hit their pace or mileage goals, or beat a personal record. This leads to improved body image which in turn results in improved confidence.

2 Sharpens your mind
A healthy diet with regular running increases the volume of the hippocampus, a key part of the brain, leading to strengthening of brain muscles over time resulting in improved memory and thinking skills.

3 Relieves stress
Running works like meditation. Relaxes your body and mind at the same time giving you peace of mind and helping you stay calm and fresh.

4 Gives skin a natural glow
When you run, your blood pumps faster, which means your face gets a fresh supply of blood more often. This helps heal damaged skin, giving it a glow from within.

5 Health gets improved
Running keeps your body weight in control, helps your body in managing blood sugar levels, boosts overall energy and keeps you fit.

6 Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Strengthening the heart, running makes sure there is efficient blood and oxygen supply throughout the body.

7 Boosts your mood
The rush of endorphins that you get during and after a run can help elevate your mood, sometimes may even help with long-term mood stabilization. 

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