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Tips to buy Running Shoes

  • By Sakila Rai
  • •  Mar 25, 2022

The surface you run on can have a big impact on your run. On hard surfaces like concrete, running is usually hard and fast. On soft surfaces like grass, running is usually easy and steady.

Shoes with flexible outsoles, decent cushioning are essential for road running. They give you the support, grip, and stability you need to run quickly and confidently.

The first thing to look for when buying a trail running shoe is a dense rubber sole, that’s soft and supple yet durable and grippy. Trail running shoes have a sturdier upper body, supportive cushioned midsole and grippier outsole which provides traction and support on various surfaces.

For your cardio and gym related exercise you definitely need a good pair of cross training shoes. A good cross training shoes offers a wide variety of benefits which an active person would need. Cross training shoes provide plenty of stability for side to side movement with good cushioning from forefoot to heels.

Your foot arch type is the determining factor in what type of running shoe you should buy. There are four major foot arch types, neutral, low to medium arch, high arch, and flat feet. You can improve your foot's structure and support it with the right running shoes.Motion control shoes are ideal for people who have a flat or low arch. These types of shoes are designed to support arches, they can also be a great option for people with larger bodies. In addition to arch support, they also provide heel support and cushioning to help ease foot pain.Neutral or stability shoes are excellent for you if you have a medium/normal arch. Stability shoes are designed to help control pronation and provide ankle support. They can help limit some of the excess motion and stress that’s placed while taking a stride. Neutral shoes are developed for runners whose feet move in a neutral manner or who has medium/normal arch.
Shoes with more cushioning are beneficial for people who have a high arch. A runner with a high arch has less contact with the ground. When you stand on your feet, your weight will be essentially concentrated on the heels and balls of your feet. So the thick cushioning protects the heels and the balls of the runner.


Your gait is the way you move when walking. It’s a combination of the way you lift your feet, the speed at which you move your legs, and the size, shape and alignment of your feet.

If you walk with a natural gait, neutral shoes are best for you. When a runner’s outsole of the heel makes contact with the ground first, the rest of the foot follows. The foot pushes off from the ground with all the toes at the same time this is called a natural gait. Neutral shoes are lightweight and flexible and has greater proportion of their cushioning in the heel. If the entire foot is coming in contact with the ground and the weight is distributed equally, it is less essential to provide additional cushioning elsewhere in the sole.

If you have overpronated gait, you will have two type of pronation- light overpronation and severe overpronation. Overpronation or excess pronation happens when your foot rolls toward the inside and your arch flattens out. Your shoes will wear unevenly on the inside part of the sole if you overpronate. Stability shoes are best for light overpronators, and motion control shoes are best for severe overpronators. If you suffer from under pronation, neutral shoes with appropriate cushioning are ideal for you. When your foot supinates (under pronates), your weight is distributed to the outer edge of your feet. If you under pronate, the outer sole of your shoes will wear unevenly.

It can be difficult to find shoes that fit, but it is worth the time and effort. Instead of focusing on how a pair of shoes looks on your feet, focus on how they fit. The best way to determine if a pair of shoes fits is to try them on. If they don't feel or look right, try another pair.

Whether it’s a 5K race or a marathon, you should never buy a pair of new shoes just before a race. The reason for this is that new shoes tend to have a longer break-in period and may not feel as comfortable as a pair of shoes that have been broken in.

Have you ever wondered which shoes are best for your unique running style? Or what the difference is between stability and motion control shoes? If you’re like most runners, your shoes are probably the most important part of your training, which is why finding the correct pair is so important.  Researching about your running shoe before purchasing is just as important decision as your other life decision. As a result, we recommend that you purchase a running shoe from a specialty running store that specializes in running shoes and has a large selection of running shoes to fit your individual needs as a runner.

You never know when you’ll find the perfect shoes. When you do, don’t hesitate to return or exchange it if it doesn’t fit right, or isn’t quite what you had in mind. Returns and exchanges are easy at online or offline stores . Just find the item you want to return or exchange, and bring it to any of our stores.

If you have just started running, then you will have a difficult time finding the right shoe. Instead of going for the most expensive option, which is usually the most comfortable and effective one, you should buy shoes in your budget. This way, you can try different kinds of shoes, and see which one works best for you.

Wearing your running shoes for everything might wear down your shoes faster, but most importantly every shoes has its own use.

Take, for example, tennis shoes. They're made specifically for tennis players. Tennis is played by moving from side to side and forward to backward. If you want to, you can run in tennis shoes and play tennis in them as well but if you want your shoes to last longer and avoid injuries like rolling your ankle stick to the shoes' intended purpose.

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