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Stretch Bands

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NIVIA Lateral Resistance Band 2.0
  • Exercises like jump squats and lunges will be more intense increase strength and power & flexible & lean and fit very fast.
  • Our nivia resistance bands are easy to carry and you can train everywhere at any time you want there is nothing that can keep you back from reaching your fitness goals.
  • Nivia resistance bands are used by men and women of all fitness levels a loop resistance band increases the effectiveness of your exercises enormously.
NIVIA Resistance Exercise Band
  • Material - Rubber
  • High end exercise bands. Our 12 by 2 heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex free of TPE.
  • We had made combos for our valuable customer is having Strong/Extra Strong/Super strong. Please choose the pack as per your tolerance.
NIVIA Weight Band - 0.5 Kg | 1 Kg | 1.5 Kg
  • Type: Wrist/Ankle
  • Weight- 0.5 Kg | 1 Kg | 1.5 Kg