1012, Signature Business Park, Postal Colony, Near Fine Arts, Chembur 400071 Chembur, Mumbai IN
1012, Signature Business Park, Postal Colony, Near Fine Arts, Chembur Chembur, Mumbai, IN
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About Us

FitasF.com is a one-stop solution for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. We are providing not just products but services too. We bridge the knowledge gap that stops people from undertaking a more fit and active lifestyle. We want people to be FitasF...

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FitasF.com customers can join Training Clubs, Interact with Dieticians, Physiotherapists, other sports men, etc..

Athletes sharing expertise and experiences

In addition to products and services, customers will also have access to expert tips, buying guides, warm-up routines, coaching videos, and lots more.

Register for events

Events are an integral part of an athlete's life. FitasF.com is a one-stop location to discover and participate in diverse events happening all over the country.

Online Training Courses

No matter where you live, we will provide you with online workouts and coaching with the best trainers in India.

Largest Collection of Sports Gear

We have the largest collection of specialized gear and apparel to suit the requirements of all athletes.

Detailed Information and Customised Filters

Each athlete has very specialized needs. We as athletes have organized our collection to help you pick the right products and services as per your requirements and goals.

Blogs and Experiences

Best athletes from around the world share their tips and suggestions through our blogs and product reviews, thus helping you make the right decisions.

Genuine Products and Best Deals

We engage directly with the best brands and ensure that you get unbelievable prices & deals. We also ensure that all our products are 100% genuine.

Road Ahead

We are starting with Running, as an activity as we as a team are regular runners and have good connections. Running is also the fastest-growing fitness activity in India.

Soon, other activities like Yoga, Swimming, Dancing, Hiking, etc. will follow. We want to enter into activities
with less competition, information gap and which are taken up with people to stay Fit and Healthy.

Our Team

Mr. Saket Sanganeria (Co-Founder)

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Mr. Akshay Sanganeria (Co-Founder)

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