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1012, Signature Business Park, Postal Colony, Near Fine Arts, Chembur Chembur, Mumbai, IN
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Refund Policy

Refunds are provided for cancellation/return of products, subject to the eligible cancellation/ return as per the Return Policy or these terms and conditions, initiated in accordance with the Return or Cancellation Policy.

A refund is made for the full amount of the order or part order successfully canceled that was paid by You for the delivery of the order.

For return requests, the refund of payment is made after the returned product has been received by the seller and has passed the quality checks. The entire product cost along with any taxes and shipping charges if any will be refunded to You.

If any refund is received by You pending the quality checks, You will hold such amounts in trust on behalf of Fit as Fiddle E-Commerce Solutions Private Limited until the conclusion of such quality checks unless claimed by Fit as Fiddle Apparels Private Limited any time before that. If You are in receipt of any wrongful refund or payment, You will transfer such amount back to Fit as Fiddle E-Commerce Solutions Private Limited within 3 days of You receiving such amount.

Refund for Event Registration

Refunds of cancellations approved by the organizers will be payable subject to the deduction of the Processing Fee (plus applicable GST) paid on them. For events where no Processing Fee has been charged separately a processing fee equal to 4% (plus applicable GST) would be reduced from the refund amount.

Time Period for Refunds

Refunds are normally processed within 1-6 working days after the completion of quality checks of product returned and further depends on various banking and payment channels.

Fit as Fiddle Apparels Private Limited is not responsible for any errors or delay in refund due to banks or third-party service provider errors or delays.

Mode of Refund

The mode of refund of payments cannot be changed at any stage as the refund amount is transferred to Your source account. Refunds are paid back to the source of payment.

Refunds for payments made by prepaid modes, which fail when processed back to source may be refunded by National Electronic Funds Transfer (“NEFT”) to Your bank account.

You will need to update the bank account number and IFSC code to enable us to process a refund to Your account. Refunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts, i.e. the name on Your Fit as Fiddle E-Commerce Solutions Private Limited account should match with the name of the bank account holder provided for refund via NEFT. A refund initiation confirmation by email or SMS at the email address or mobile number provided to Fit as Fiddle E-Commerce Solutions Private Limited will be sent to You.

All refunds by cheque will be in form of "at par" cheques or via online transfer; basis sole discretion of Fit as Fiddle Apparels Private Limited.

Terminated Payment Mode

If the original payment method You used to make the payment (credit or debit card or net banking) is no longer valid, we will issue the refund through a cheque. When we receive a payment failure notice from Your bank, we will send You an email asking You to call us. When You call us, we will collect Your address where You want the cheque to be sent, and proceed with the refund. Please refer to our Payment Policy for further details.

You explicitly give Your consent to receiving communications (by SMS, email or other mode of communication) sent to You by Fit as Fiddle Apparels Private Limited, however, You may withdraw Your consent any time at Your sole discretion.